Stress Detox Sessions

Ours is an excessively stressed culture in the unwholesome expectations placed on us by the demands of a work environment that grants too few vacation days and often involves long commutes in traffic. Then there is the unwholesome food used to fuel bodies that are over stressed and sleep deprived. And that is just the start.

P.T.S.D. sufferers stress more easily and more intensely than individuals without P.T.S.D. In addition, many people deal with stress-filled emotionally abusive relationships. Or they grew up with emotionally abusive parents, the result of Continue reading

Becoming Comfortable in Your Own Skin

STOP right now and Notice. What is happening in your body? Are any of your muscles tense? Is your body comfortable or contorted into an uncomfortable position? What is happening in your mind? Are you “tense” there too? Thinking Anxious Thoughts? If so, it is probably impeding whatever goal that you have because too much Stress diminishes the creativity of the mind. Continue reading

What is it about Verbal Abuse?

There is something key about words to the human psyche. Educational researchers have found that the number of words that a child hears or sees before the age of three is the single biggest predictor of future success. Early on, word exposure affects brain development. Word usage is fundamental to human development and interaction. Continue reading

Take Stalking Seriously

The shooting death of Jennifer Paulson, a 30 year old teacher of special education students, by a man who had stalked her for years was the first thing I heard when I turned the radio on the morning of Friday, February 26, 2010. I was concerned whether anyone I knew was close to her. I thought of the loss, shock and horror of her family, friends, and students. I wondered if the man had ever had a psychological evaluation or counseling. Continue reading

Oh No! Not New Year’s Resolutions!

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!
May it be filled with unexpected treasures, loving connections, and new successes!
Since New Years Resolutions tend to fail, let’s dismiss the idea as untenable. I suspect that one of the reasons New Years Resolutions fail is that the term resolve probably automatically sets up defenses. I prefer working with terms that are more motivating like desires, goals, and intentions. Here’s some ideas for creating desirable change in your life. Continue reading

Surviving and even Thriving Through the Holidays

Happy Holidays!

I think it is possible to enjoy the holidays – One Day At A Time – or at least make them meaningful. Continue reading

Uses of Thanks Giving

When times are difficult, it can be very difficult for us to find gratitude in our hearts. Of course, when times are tough is when we need it most. I am not referring to the saccharine admonishments we have all heard from others, like “Cheer up! It could be worse!” Nor am I referring to Gratitude used as a deterrent to grieving – doing that can keep us as stuck as wallowing in self-pity. Gratitude is more like taking an inventory of what we still have on stock, which can be heartening and energizing, and easier to do as shock and grief begin to subside. Continue reading

Who is Haunting You?

So many of the personals ads state that s/he wants someone without baggage. Ironically, it is often a clear sign that s/he has baggage that needs attending. The bad (or good) news is there is probably not a person on the planet without some baggage. Continue reading